PC.com BPOTY 2019 Awards; Celcom Wins Best Telco Of 2019 For Their Unbeatable Coverage

The Best Telco of 2019 award had to go to the one with the best 4G LTE network and all-round data service. And the winner to come out of the stiff competition, was Celcom. Celcom’s solid 2019 consisted of investments into the latest end-to-end technology such as 4T4R multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO), Carrier Aggregation and Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM). This upgrade led to improvements all across the board, from postpaid and prepaid to customer service, Celcom meticulously put in work to ensure that its customers received nothing but the best internet connectivity and digital experiences.

The Best 4G LTE network coverage

In 2019, Celcom’s 4G population coverage rose to 93%, whilst expanding its coverage to now provide consistent, reliable speeds to 10 states and 25 prime cities nationwide. This brings Celcom’s site count to over 11,000, 9000 of which are LTE sites. It really doesn’t get more expansive than that.

An Award-Winning Network

Don’t just take our word for it. Celcom’s 4G LTE network was acknowledged by Opensignal, an independent analysis of mobile measurements, for being ranked number 1 for 4G Availability, Video Experience and Latency Experience in Opensignal Award – Malaysia: Mobile Network Experience Report September 2019 and the accolades don’t end there.
Celcom’s continuous focus on delivering exceptional customer experience was recognized with two global awards namely, Honorary Award for Best Customer Experience 2019 and the Silver Award for Best Employee Engagement 2019, during the CX Asia Excellence Awards 2019 in Singapore. Locally, Celcom bagged the Gold award for the “Communication Networks” category during the recent Putra Brand Awards 2019.
Speaking on the award recognitions, Celcom CEO Idham Nawawi reiterated how proud and grateful Celcom are to receive these recognitions and pledged to persist to enhance Celcom’s network and services to contribute to the grown of the nation’s digital ecosystem in the 5G era.

Unbeatable Value

Celcom Xpax offers its latest affordable postpaid plan in the form of its XP Lite plan. Customers immediately enjoy unlimited calls and 1GB internet per month for a mere RM28. What’s so great about it is that Celcom gives customers the option to size up if it’s not enough! For an extra RM30, you can get 14GB of internet with an L Pass. If that’s too much for you, Celcom’s got you covered as well, with the M Pass offering an extra 7GB of data at just RM10 a month.
Celcom’s hustle doesn’t just end there. In 2020, Celcom will further intensify its focus towards operational excellence in the 5G era on top of focusing on grooming digital entrepreneurs, improving social welfare and contributing to rural digital development, ensuring no one is left behind in the digital era.
With such a holistic approach to taking care of its customers’ needs, it’s no wonder Celcom was voted as the #1 telco for a whopping three categories!

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