OPPO Is Teasing Their Latest Device, And Makes Us Guess; It’s The Reno 2

OPPO is back with their antics, and this time they’re teasing their latest device, with basically no information. But they’ve reached out to tell us that there is something on the way. But clearly, it’s just the OPPO Reno 2.

What that something is, is a different story. They go on and on about how great the device and OPPO is, check out how they talk about their ‘mystery phone’

“OPPO continues to see growth as a leading smartphone brand and aggressively works to strengthen  its commitment in producing the best features and technology tailored to its users. OPPO launches another quad camera smartphone, expending the portfolio with upgraded photography game and pushing boundaries with innovative features.”

Yes yes OPPO, I’m sure your next device will be very impressive. But I think you guys forgot something?

The file name for the picture included, literally is named Reno 2. So much for intriguing us. I mean, I like surprises, so thanks for spoiling it!

But it seems the phone will have 4 cameras on the back, and it’s pretty on par with many smartphone manufacturers form factors. Not much other info, other than the quad cam setup, so we’ll update you as more information comes in!

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