OPPO Enco X Workshop Virtual Event; Here’s What You Can Expect For The New OPPO Enco X

Yesterday, we had the privilege to attend the OPPO Enco X Workshop virtual event and it was very insightful and informative. Today, we’re going to share with you a little bit of what you can expect for the new OPPO Enco X.

Before we dive in to what was presented during the workshop, here’s a brief intro on the OPPO Enco X. If you weren’t aware before, OPPO has produced products other than their smartphones. They’ve produced speakers, headphones and even an MP3 player. The OPPO Enco X is their new earbuds to join the audio family.

In collaboration with Dynaudio, OPPO has a goal of achieving high-quality audio and has shown to be committed to it. During the workshop, the team presented a video with amazing sound quality that took us by surprise so it got us excited for what’s to come for the Enco X.

First Class Audio Quality

The Enco X comes with an upgraded DBEE 3.0 sound system, Coaxial Dual-Driver Design, Magnetic Balanced Membrane Driver (that extends the reach of high frequencies, delivering crystal-clear audio) and Triple-layer composite dynamic driver. Basically all these components can only found in high-end audio devices so expect the best from the OPPO Enco X.

Noise Cancellation

During the Workshop, the Oppo and Dynaudio team showcased that the OPPO Enco X also has Noise Cancelling features and here are some of the Nose Cancellation settings:

  • Max noise cancellation idea during period commutes
  • Noise cancellation to soften the chatter when you’re in public places like cafes or restaurants
  • Transparency of awareness safety

Battery Life

If you’re wondering about battery life, during the Q&A session, OPPO answered that the Enco X can last up to 25 hours of battery life with the Noise Cancellation off, 20 hours with Max Noise Cancellation Mode On and 5.5 hours with Noise Cancellation off.

So whichever mode you choose, you’re getting very good battery life that you don’t have to worry about bringing the charger with you. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to catch the part of how long does it take to charge the device but we will definitely let you know as soon as we get confirmation.

Gesture Design

Like all the new earbuds that’s been out, the Enco X will have gesture design functions to either play/pause your music and answer or hang up calls. What’s confirmed that it doesn’t have a single tap function as single taps are easily misunderstood and for those of you who have been using earbuds, you’re not always confident if you actually tap them the first time. So the Enco X has double taps and long press for different functions.

Obviously there’s more to say about the OPPO Enco X but we’re going to save more of those details when they announce the launch later this year. If you do want a little sneak peek, you can visit their website here.

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