OnePlus 8T: Hours of Power To Do What You Want, When You Want

A phone that has both all the power you need for games, and a screen that helps them look their best. Over the past 7 years, OnePlus phones have rarely disappointed and this year is no different.

OnePlus took the wraps off its newest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 8T. A subtle upgrade over the OnePlus 8, which was launched earlier this year is the latest T-series device.

The latest OnePlus phone is basically the top-notch screen refresh rate of the OnePlus 8 Pro and the battery stuffed into a smaller body.

What makes OnePlus’s display world-class? Extreme colour accuracy that makes every movie pop, every game shine, and every photo come to life. And with the subtle gradients of HDR 10+, images are more exciting and enticing.

In each frame, the OnePlus 8T’s 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED display delivers excellence. With a 120 Hz Fluid Display for seamless scrolling, transform your onscreen experience and with a super-low response latency, swiping is believing.

A massive 4500 mAh battery powers your mobile life all-day long. Not forgetting speed matters too. That’s why it’s equipped with the Warp Charge 65, OnePlus’s fastest ever charging solution that allows you to enjoy a day’s power in 15 minutes.

Let’s talk about why this phone won Best Gaming Phone of 2020. Gaming on this thing will not be a problem as it comes with the top-end Snapdragon 865 chipset along with up to 12 GB of RAM, so you get flagship power.

5G is also supported, so you can game online without lag wherever you are, and with its big 4500mAh battery you’ll be able to game for a long time between charges. When it comes time to charge you won’t be out of the action for long either, as the OnePlus 8T, also supports both ultra-fast charging.

A phone designed for power gamers, supercharge your mobile gaming with the brand-new Gaming Tools featuring Mis-touch Prevention and improved notification control. Get your game on with Fnatic Mode, Screen Recorder, Floating Window (for social media), and more for immersive gaming.


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