Nurflix’s, A Local Grown Streaming Service Leaked User’s Data on Google Search

We as Malaysians are always ready to support our local products. However, we as a consumer have our own rights as it involves our money and our investment as well. Part of the rights mentioned is of course, the right to have our privacy guarded.

Nurflix is a new streaming service which claims to be a sharia compliance. It was introduced last July and introduced in two packages; RM336 for a year and RM3,600 for lifetime subscriptions. After months of being in beta phase, the service has commenced to offer paid subscription for customers earlier this month.

The first error can be pointed out is for the lifetime subscriptions. Despite saying that it is for a lifetime, the access for the viewing is only for 15 years. It’s a false advertising for me.

We are not here to discuss the pricing because the content is yet to be seen so there’s not much we can judge out of it. However, we were having a more serious issue which is over the weekend, there are reports that Nurflix’s data users has been leaked.

Okay, what was happening?

The issue was if you simply type on Google Search, you can also find users’ accounts revealed through the search engine. The information disclosed is usernames and e-mail addresses of the users. Clicking on those shown are, however, would not disclose more than that. One still needs a password to access these accounts. 

This occurrence possesses many speculations and accusations. This proves that the admins of Nurflix might have possibly overlooked their settings and have allowed Google to index some areas of its website that should be off-limits to the public. To recall, such an incident has happened to WhatsApp several times before.

Fortunately, Nurflix resolved the issue quite fast. Now, if you type the ‘’, the result would be different with the previous result. The resolve was however done discreetly and no official statement was given when it was happened.

While the issue was resolved, the credibility of the website can be considered as declining. For the subscribers, be sure to be very careful in case you are receiving any unlikely e-mails. Such an incident should have been avoided and shall never be repeated again.

Let’s hope for the best only to our new local streaming service!

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