Nokia Achieves World’s Fastest 5G Speeds Yet

Nokia recently announced that it achieved the world’s highest 5G speeds yet. This incredible feat was achieved through Over-the-Air (OTA) networks in Dallas, Texas.

The network utilises an 800 MHz commercial millimeter 5G wave spectrum and Dual Connectivity (EN-DC). As a result, Nokia managed to achieve speeds up to 4.7 Gbps.

The 800 MHz millimeter 5G wave spectrum was achieved by combining 100 MHz channels on the 28GHz and 39GHz bands. It also uses a 40 MHz of LTE spectrum that implements the EN-DC function on Nokia’s AirScale solution.

Nokia’s AirScale Radio Access solution is an industry-leading, commercial end-to-end 5G solution. It enables operators to capitalize on their 5G spectrum assets.

It offers huge capacity scaling and market-leading latency and connectivity by enabling all air-interface technologies on the same radio access equipment.

EN-DC, on the other hand, allows devices to connect simultaneously to 5G and LTE networks. It transmits and receives data across both air-interface technologies.

With this combination, devices can achieve higher throughput compared to when connecting to just 5G or LTE. The speeds were achieved on both 5G cloud-based (vRAN) and classic baseband configurations.

The tests were performed on base station equipment being deployed in major U.S. carriers’ commercial networks.

Stéphane Téral, the Chief Analyst at LightCounting Market Research, said, “This is a substantial achievement that reflects the careful workings of a brilliant and subtle team with the deepest appreciation for detail and circumstance.”

“It demonstrates the confidence operators have in our global end-to-end portfolio and the progress we have made to deliver the best possible 5G experiences to customers,” added Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia.

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