Next Microsoft Surface to Sport Snapdragon Chip?

Microsoft might be looking at using ARM processors in their upcoming products.

According to a report by Tech Radar sourcing WinFuture, a job posting has been spotted calling for a Hardware Test Engineer /Manufacturing Engineer that has experience working with Wi-Fi and other radio-style data connections. The job is listed as based in Microsoft’s Redmond 85 building, which according to TechRader is typically known for its work on Surface.

Although listed under ABAL Technologies; ABAL has been working for Microsoft as a human resources service provider.

Microsoft location pointer: Snapdragon 845
Credit: WinFuture


Microsoft location pointer: Snapdragon 845
Credit: WinFuture
Interestingly, the listing expects the engineer to have done manufacturing tests specifically on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset, noted under SDM 845.

TechRadar speculates it could be the rumoured two-screen Courier-like device, or something akin to the Surface. The job listing also looks for a candidate familiar with “complex” devices, including smartphones and Xbox.

What is clear though, is that it’ll have a combination of LTE connectivity and Qualcomm’s lastest processor due to be released soon.

Source: TechRadar, WinFuture


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