Netflix’s First EVER AR Trailers Brings You Into Stranger Things 3; If You Have An iPhone That Is

Stranger Things 3 released on July 4th. And for those who love all things Upside Down, Hawkins, and Eleven and gang, Netflix’s first augmented-reality (AR) trailer on YouTube takes you inside the world of Stranger Things. This is of course, an interesting form of media that seems to be getting more regular use. Used of augmented reality skyrocketed after the success of Pokemon Go. It makes things more interactive, and brands can definitely look to explore the avenue, if they were looking for interesting ways to promote their products.

When you play the Stranger Things 3 official trailer from your phone, it will give you a “try now” option to “see yourself in the show”. An AR experience will launch, with the Stranger Things title and animated fireworks from the key art in the background. It will use your camera to snap a picture of you in this world. It will let you share it on your social media channels, or save to your phone.

Please note: the AR trailer works only on the iPhone and iPad, running iOS 8 and above. 

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