N For Nostalgia: Childhood Shows on Netflix

Judging from the title itself, surely few shows are already in your mind. Needless to say, classics will always remain superior. Yes, we have recent shows to binge but c’mon, reminiscing nostalgia is the best thing ever.

Perhaps Netflix listened to your prayer, they have came up with several nostalgic shows for you to reminisce about. And bear in mind, we are speaking of local context so it could be from whichever countries but screened in Malaysia before.

  1. Spongebob Squarepants

I am one of those who is very disappointed when they pulled this cartoon from Netflix few weeks ago. This cartoon which is centering around a square sponge with his bestfriend, a starfish.

This show is basically them both annoying their neighbour, a squid and befriends a squirrel and employing under a stingy and greedy crab. They are back again on Netflix with new seasons which is Season 6 and Season 7.

  1. Phua Chu Kang Pte. Ltd. (2000)

Don’t pray pray ah! – Phua Chu Kang

I believe we are all familiar with the figure of afro hair, big mole, white shirt and yellow boots. This sitcom features the story of the best contractor in Singapore, JB and some say Batam with his family. If I could recall, it was on NTV7 for quite a few years and even featured few local stars as cameos or guest stars .

This nostalgic sitcom is already on Netflix for quite some time and expect new seasons coming on November 15. The series isn’t shown chronologically; just best episodes only but it is surely enough to guarantee memories restored.

  1. Under One Roof (1994)

Another Singaporean sitcom. This sitcom revolves around a Chinese family of 5 living in a local flat and their everyday life. Their life gets better and by that, I mean funnier when they interact with their neighbours and their antics.

Same thing goes with Phua Chu Kang, this series has been on Netflix for quite some time but they will get second season coming on the same date which is November 15. Be sure to binge-watch it.

  1. Meteor Garden (2001)

Before Boys Over Flowers, there was Meteor Garden. This Taiwanese series starring Jerry Yan (he’s still hot at 43, there I said it) and Barbie Hsu; telling a cliche story of a girl fell in love with a spoilt rich boy. As cliche as it may sound, we all love cliches so much, right?

Both of the seasons are available on Netflix so if you have spare time, reserve some to experience one of the best Asian romance series ever made.

  1. Coffee Prince (2007)

You know Gong Yoo from Train To Busan, I know him from Coffee Prince. We are not the same.

This Korean drama is one of the series after Winter Sonata era. Another cliche but since it’s K-drama, who cares? This series was (or should I say, is) a hit in South Korea as well the whole Asia. Feel free to binge it on Netflix whenever you have time.

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist

It would be a sin for me to not put this on the list if I mentioned list of nostalgia. If you are a kid in a Malay household, the struggle of watching this during Maghrib prayers is surely relatable.

I don’t know much about anime but I have enough friends to tell me how nostalgic this anime is. Feel free to binge all episodes from season one on Netflix whenever you have time!

To be honest, this ain’t enough. I got more series and shows to add so if you are interested in part 2, we shall see that.

After all, these series mentioned will always have special spot in our heart for the memories and good times we used to have. For current generations, perhaps in 10 years time, someone would make this sort of list for you guys too. So, let’s binge!

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