You Have Been Muted; Mojang Introduces New Mute Update On Minecraft

Have you ever been in a multiplayer server or map and there’s that one person who is super annoying and you just wish you can just mute them? I’m sure we’ve all experience that at least once in our gaming lives. In some games, if you’re the host, it is possible for you to kick them out or mute them.

Good news for everyone, Minecraft is introducing a new update that lets players mute chat from others when playing multiplayer. Numerous online communities are known for their high levels of toxicity and harassment. Mojang is introducing a new update for the Caves and Cliffs version of the game that will give players more control over their interaction experience online.

As described on Reddit, the update introduces a new UI element called the social interactions screen. This screen will allow users to disable chatting with whoever they want on whatever server they’re on.

Every message from the muted player will be automatically hidden. The setting does reset whenever the user re-joins a server, so players should be prepared to mute people multiple times.

I would definitely consider this update a good update. Sometimes you just wanna build something without someone dictating or bullying you online. It’s like the block feature on social media apps. Report and Block those creepy predators that are sending you inappropriate messages.

But this is also a good update for children’s safety. Yes, Minecraft is a family friendly game but there are countless of creepy adults preying on kids. Minecraft , last year, was named as a top platform that child predators use to prey on kids. I mean the new mute update doesn’t solve the problem of predators preying on children but it is a good first step.

It’s good to see how committed the Minecraft team is to creating a safe and tolerant space online. Mojang has been working hard to ensure that its game’s legacy is as untarnished as possible. Hopefully this is just the first step in the process of making Minecraft a safer, more tolerant place for gamers of all ages

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