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(Source: Wykrhm Reddy)

As the dust settles after TI, most teams would be going through the post-TI shuffle and Mineski is no different as they have finally introduced a brand new line-up. Ever since Team Faceless from Singapore disbanded after not making it through the SEA TI Qualifiers, we see iceiceice and Jabz taking their talent across the Causeway and into Malaysian shores with our own legend, Mushi. Mineski also didn’t have a good time during the SEA TI Qualifiers as they got knocked out during the Playoffs.

Before the shuffle, Mineski boasted a strong line-up featuring .Ark from Russia, Mag~ from Ukraine and ryoyr and ninjaboogie from the Philippines. After failing to qualify, all three players have been subsequently let go by the organisation and we see iceiceice and Jabz from Faceless coming over to replace both Mag~ and ryoyr in the offlane and support position. Mineski also acquires NaNa, a local talent who has impressed with WarriorGaming.Unity (WG.U) in the past.

Once again, we see Mushi take up the carry position with NaNa taking over the mid-lane, iceiceice will be back in his favourite offlane position and Jabz and ninjaboogie will take up both the support positions. On paper, this seems like a very well-balanced squad with young-and-upcoming talents like Jabz and NaNa, helmed with experienced players like Mushi and iceiceice. We will also get to see Mushi and iceiceice reunite once more ever since their dramatic run together back when they were in Team DK.

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