Minecraft Universe Turns Virtual In Samsung Gear VR

Gaming is still the factor driving the virtual reality gears for now, while developers scramble to identify the killer solution that will unlock the true potential of this amazing technology, we will just have to enjoy the immersive world VR offers.

Samsung has continued to add new games to its universe, with now Microsoft’s Minecraft becoming the latest game to join the Gear VR family. Playing the game on HoloLens was remarkable and I am assuming the virtual reality experience should not differ much, navigating the blocky landscapes in first- or third-person perspective using with a Xbox controller and Gear VR gives players a first hand wide view of their newly build buildings and being inside their personal kingdom, the experience should give users a whole new realm they have not felt before.

Other games that have joined is Herobound Gladiators and Sliver. tv an eSport app that allow gaming fans to be among great champions in the arena.

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