miHoYo Responds To Criticisms On 5-Star Character, Zhongli On Genshin Impact

I never really cared much for Zhongli so I don’t have anything to complain as I was saving all my materials and Primogems to get Razor (I GOT HIM LAST NIGHT FINALLY!) but fans were quite disappointed to say the least when they finally got the 5-star character Zhongli on the rising popular game, Genshin Impact.

Let’s get some few things out of the way first so you won’t get lost. As mentioned in my previous article, you can obtained new characters by Wishes. Depending on which banner you choose, you either save up your Primogems for standard banner wishes or limited time event banner wishes. From wishes you will either get 4-Star characters like Razor or Chongyun or 5-star characters like Zhongli or Venti. Either way, it’s pretty much a gamble.

So Zhongli was first introduced in Chapter 1, Act II: Farewell, the Archaic Lord. He was soon made to be a playable character not long after that. Just like Venti, he is a 5-Star character. Based on his demo trailer below, he looks pretty promising as a DPS (Damage Per Second) character seeing how his elemental skill and elemental burst work.

However, as it turns out, Zhongli is not all that powerful as you’d think. For most, his skills are only just as good or even barely as good as a 4-star character. To build Zhongli to his full potential is too much of a struggle as you need to unlock all his constellations which you can only do so by obtaining him again through wishes and that in itself is hard.

His ascension materials for his talents, weapons and attributes are rare and expensive in-game. So for him to be your main DPS will not be a walk in the park. Fans expressed their disappointment in Zhongli on the Genshin Impact forum.

It took them a while but miHoYo, the game developers finally addresses that Zhongli is actually meant to be a support character. His elemental burst is meant to control enemy movements, not necessarily causing powerful damage. His role is to ensure the survival of the other characters on your team.

I can see how he’s actually a supporting character than a DPS. But it can be very, very misleading and I can understand the confusion as well. But there are actually no explicit roles for a character in the game. What matters is your creativity in making these characters work for you.

Not every character will be the best DPS or Support but they can be great as either one or both if you know how to use and build them. Other than the Zhongli confusion, miHoYo also addressed a bug on the character:

“In addition, we have discovered from player feedback that there is indeed a bug affecting Zhongli at present: After Zhongli’s Lv. 2 Constellation “Stone, the Cradle of Jade” is activated, casting an Elemental Burst may not trigger the DMG boost of the Elemental Resonance effect “Enduring Rock.”

The developers are currently working on a fix and we estimate that the issue will be fixed in an update on 12/10/2020. Travelers will also be compensated accordingly”.

Oh dear, looks like the company has a lot of work to do to make their fans happy. Do you play Genshin Impact? What do you think of Zhongli? Let us know in the comments below.

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