Microsoft Makes Windows 10 In S Mode For All Editions Of Windows 10

Microsoft released the Windows 10 S as lightweight version OS to compete with Chrome OS and made the configuration available only for its Surface Laptop however due to it being able to keep the performance of the devices sleeker, many vendors also started including the option into their products.

Now Microsoft intends to make the feature permanent for all new Windows 10 notebooks with a new naming for the option, calling it S Mode. This is done in order for vendors and customers to be less confused. With the S Mode, Windows 10 notebooks can be operated at much better pace and speed at the same time conserve battery life. Using the Microsoft Store for application use, the load on the system is kept at minimum while optimising cloud for everyday work. Previously customers who opt to switch out of the mode and back to Windows 10 Pro will charged, Microsoft has now waived the charges giving customers the freedom to switch in-and-out regardless of edition.

Only new models released will have the S Mode available in Windows 10, there is no indication if there will be update released for current users to have the Mode.

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