MCMC Slaps RM4.6 Million Fine On Telcos For QoS, Digi Tops The List

The days of shaming telco’s on fines for under delivering in areas of performance, reliability and customer service is back, Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission has finally resorted back to its old ways of making the names of those fined public.

In the past. the government body stated the fines imposed and number of compounds issued, however since 2018 information on the telecommunication company’s that were fined were not shared. New broom sweeps well- ever since the new Minister taking over, things have looked more gusto at MCMC, from making bold moves in rescinding spectrum allocation it now has found its fangs in doing what the commission is suppose to do. Acting on errand operators!

Till June 2020, MCMC has issued RM4.6 million in fines to Celcom, Digi, Maxis, YTL TT dotcom and TM, of these Digi has been fined the most amounting to RM1.55 million followed by Maxis RM.14 million and  Celcom at RM1.2 million. This is a stark comparison in 2019 where the whole year only RM960,000 worth of fines were issued, this was believed because the previous administration was more pro-operators and were not clamping down harshly over the poor quality of service delivered by the telco’s.

The Covid-19 pandemic, shone a big spotlight on the deliveries of telco’s in the country, with all Malaysians staying at home and pushing the threshold button on network bandwidth, operators were feeling the pressure and some were even seen collapsing to keep up. Communication Minister Saifuddin Abdullah was clearly displeased with the level of connectivity in the country during the 3 months of MCO especially in rural, outskirts and East Malaysia. Actions were taken and MCMC has since seen a change in its leadership and priorities are now being put in place to ensure improvement is made on existing network before embarking on any future technology.

On compounds, Digi which tops the list on the number of fines has currently the highest number of user base with 11.65 million, having 31 compounds slapped shows the struggle the network is having in keeping that high base stable. The telco offers low prepaid and postpaid plans to lure price sensitive customers, and had build its base on the expense of Celcom and Maxis who are known to be premium in the market.

As we have come to realise, Digital Malaysia is far from reality, we have still have massive connectivity problem for example if a person needs to climb a tree to get better reception in order to complete her online exam, we have to stop talking about flying cars and focus on fixing the problem.

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