Maybank Will No Longer Notify You Through SMS When You Use Your Debit Card

Do people still use SMS? I mean I only use for emergencies in case I couldn’t get a Wi-Fi or Data signal but other than that, the last time I used SMS was when during my first break up. Okay, that got too personal.

Anyways! If you’re a Maybank debit card user then you’d know you’ll always receive an SMS notification everytime your card has been used. Although it may be helpful cause you’ll become aware in case your card has been used without your knowledge but it can get annoying seeing the unopened notifications there since I don’t use it as often.

But that’s all about to change as Maybank just announced that it is changing the notifications this December. Instead of SMS notifications, you will receive notifications on your Maybank2U app. But if you’re not using the app, then you won’t receive any notifications so please consider downloading the app.

The bank also says in Maybank’s FAQ that notifications will only be sent when a transaction with a debit card exceeds RM500. So if that’s usually not an amount you spend in a single transaction, either way, you won’t get any form of notification.

No reason for the change was cited by Maybank. But for those who need it, it did provide steps to allow push notifications. You will need to head to Settings and allow the app to send you notifications from there, regardless of whether you are using an Android or iOS device. You should however, find that this is enabled by default in most cases.

Overall, it shouldn’t be too big a change in the overall use experience. You’ll still be able to use your Maybank debit card as usual. It’s just that you’ll be notified of successful transactions differently. Assuming you spend enough in one transaction to be notified to begin with.

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