Maxis Signed Up More Users During Pandemic Than Ever Before

Telecommunication companies need to be resilient in any circumstances that’s because connectivity plays a vital role during all times and especially more during trying times. They are essential services that must continue serving their user base who could make up of doctors, nurses, policemen and other important people.

A name that often pop-up in reliability, robust and forward thinking is Maxis, the company which has been at the forefront in ensuring millions of customers riding on its network have continued service during the country’s battle against Covid 19. With the announcement of the MCO, the telco acted quickly in anticipation of surges on its network and doubled up its efforts. This proactive thinking and its industry recognised network reliability, was what enabled the operator to attract new subscription to its service every month.

This success was reflected in the first three months, where the company highlighted growth in its postpaid subscriptions which grew 13.7% to a total of 3.4 million. Maxis enjoys a substantial pie in the postpaid segment and boasts a higher ARPU than its competitors. To the envy of many, most telco’s aim for higher postpaid customers as they give them constant and secure revenue as compared to a prepaid base which often see its subscribers moving from one telco to another.

Apart from postpaid, user base for its fibre product also saw an increase, as many new subscribers were looking to setup high speed broadband in view of home office becoming the norm mostly due to the lockdown. Maxis currently has 392, 000 users on its fibre broadband network and sees the number growing as pent up demand and orders can now be fulfilled.

Commenting on the latest result, Gökhan Ogut, chief executive officer, Maxis said “We had a good set of results for Q1 overall amidst early impact of Covid-19. We continued to lead the mobile market and turned in solid growth in our fibre business, confirming strong traction in our convergence ambition.”

The MCO gave Malaysians a glimpse how important a strong and robust connectivity (not whether how cheap) is during an emergency, users depended on video chats, social media and uninterrupted internet service to get by during this difficult time. In this aspect Maxis prevailed yet again.

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