Maxis Offers Special Data Rates For OKU Customers But They Won’t Be Able To Sign Up For It Online

Customers can sign up for the special plan at any Maxis Centre or Maxis Exclusive Partner.

Maxis has announced that Persons With Disabilities (OKU) who sign up for the Hotlink Postpaid Flex plan with More Data at RM40/month will enjoy a RM10 monthly rebate for life. This means that for RM30 per month, customers with valid OKU identification will enjoy 5GB data and unlimited calls and SMS to all networks when they sign up.

Starting today, customers can sign up for this special plan at any Maxis Centre or Maxis Exclusive Partner (MEP). All they need to do is present their original identity card (NRIC) and original OKU card during the registration. Meanwhile, OKU customers who are already on the Flex plan will also be eligible for the rebate and can apply at any Maxis Centre or MEP. OKU customers who are currently on other Maxis plans just need to sign up for a line
on the Hotlink Postpaid Flex with More Data to enjoy the rebate.

“We are pleased to offer this special Hotlink Postpaid Flex package, which is part of our commitment to greater inclusiveness for all Malaysians through more affordable connectivity for persons with disabilities. We will continue to develop and bring more personalised services that are relevant to our customers, who are at the heart of everything that we do,”
Tan Lay Han, Maxis Chief Sales and Service Officer.

To ease the burden of OKU customers, staff at Maxis Centres are always ready to prioritise and assist customers with special needs.

This is a great initiative by Maxis to make the lives of their customers with special needs simpler, but i’m surprised there isn’t a way that they can sign up for this rebate online. Wouldn’t it be easier if all they didn’t have to actually get out of the house to sign up? It’s 2019 and pretty much everything is available online, so maybe this is something Maxis can look into in the future.

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