Malaysian Launch Of The PlayStation 5 Will Possibly Be Delayed

What a way to start the day. I know it’s almost 1pm but I also know some of you just woke up so here’s your first news of the day!

So fans and customers have been waiting for the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 5 all year long. We’ve been patiently waiting for announcements, press images, videos, demos and all that stuff but what we’ve been dying for is the physical console itself.

I know a lot of you can’t wait to get your hands on the PS5 but sadly, we might need to wait a little longer. Wait…WHAT?! Calm down it’s not confirmed yet but it could actually happen. Could.

So far Sony has yet to confirm the launch date and pricing for Malaysia other than it will be release in November. Singapore got a launch date though. Of course. It’s always Singapore first.

But where did this delay news come from? There were rumours of stock shortage which was said due to lower yield rate for the PS5’s processor which Sony denied by the way.

However, Reddit user Papin97 made an observation of the PlayStation 5 websites across Southeast Asia and noted that the Holiday 2020’s remark on the PS5’s page within the PlayStation websites across Southeast Asia is now gone including Malaysia.

Some gamers may not be concerned about this, I mean Singapore is just basically a hop away so they can buy the console there but for many, having local units is the way to go.

What does Sony has to say about this?

“We understand that everyone is eager to get their hands on the PS5, and we are equally excited for it to come to MY too. SIES will make the announcement on MY release dates and pricing when they are ready.

Stay tuned. Thank you for your patience and support.”

Not necessarily what we want to hear. I mean a release date or at least the release month would be nice though. So I guess we’ll never know until the official announcement. One thing’s for sure, the PS5 is on its way. Probably slow but on its way.


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