Malaysia All Star Esports Tournament 2023 Unites Gaming Elites, Showcasing Skill, Strategy, International Camaraderie

The Malaysia All Star Esports Tournament 2023 concluded with unparalleled success, leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s gaming history. Organized by Mega Raya Sdn Bhd, the two-day spectacle held at Melawati Mall Kuala Lumpur brought together over a thousand participants, gaming enthusiasts, and sponsors, elevating the esports experience to new heights.

The closing ceremony on November 26th, graced by the Managing Director of Mega Raya Sdn Bhd, Faridz Fadzil, and the Secretary General of the Malaysia Esports Federation (MESF), Muhammad Naim Al Amin, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support received from the gaming community, sponsors, and partners. As the tournament reached its conclusion, Malaysia witnessed a defining moment in esports, showcasing the vibrancy and potential of the industry.

The tournament featured three blockbuster games – Mobile Legends Bang Bang, EAFC 24, and Tekken 7 – with professional teams battling for prestigious titles and impressive prize pools, creating memorable moments for both participants and spectators.

Tekken 7 Tournament Winners:

  • First Place: MYFGC Zaba
  • Second Place: REF.WKL Zatzik
  • Third Place: Shao
  • Fourth Place: Al-Farooq

EAFC24 Tournament Winners:

  • First Place: GamesMY Rasydan
  • Second Place: Zarif
  • Third Place: Maqna Rajabos
  • Fourth Place: MAXNEVIS

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tournament Winners:

  • First Place: PILO ESPORTS
  • Second Place: IPB SEMANGAT
  • Third Place: MIRACLE GAMING
  • Fourth Place: BINTANG BULAN

Additionally, Mobile Legends Bang Bang MVPs were recognized for outstanding performances in specific games.

Infinix Malaysia, a major supporter of the tournament, enhanced the event by providing 1st place winners with brand new GT 10 Gaming phones, symbolizing cutting-edge technology embraced by the gaming community. Susano Apparel unveiled the Susano X GamesMy collection with a fashion show, blending gaming culture with stylish aesthetics.

The tournament welcomed players from Indonesia, Singapore, and Brunei, emphasizing its inclusive and international appeal. GamesMy, the Strategic Partner, ensured industry norms were adhered to, contributing to fair play and an immersive gaming experience.

Official sponsors Infinix Mobile, Susano Apparel, Todak, and Official Gaming Partner Gamers Gazette played pivotal roles in enhancing the overall experience, contributing to the prize pool and providing giveaways.

As the Malaysia All Star Esports Tournament 2023 concludes, Mega Raya Sdn Bhd extends gratitude to participants, sponsors, partners, and the media, affirming its commitment to future esports events in Malaysia.

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