macOS Big Sur Update Has Been Causing Trouble For Macbook Users

Where do I start? I’ll start sharing my own experience with the new macOS Big Sur Update. Yesterday, I can’t use a few of my programs unless I update to the macOS Big Sur so I decided while it’s still early in the morning and I will still have time to get some work done on time, I’m going to update my Macbook.

I assumed it was going to be like previous updates and since I’m a new Macbook user, I wasn’t at all prepared to what’s about to happen. I followed the update instructions and read all the warnings and updated my macbook. After it finished updating, everything on my laptop is gone. Everything.

I started to panic and asked Apple Support for help to restore all my folders and files cause I still have work to do. There’s more to this story but let’s say I didn’t have much time to ask so many questions and do step by step on how to restore my files cause I have work to do.

So I only managed to do whatever it is I can for work yesterday and it was only last night where I had more time to finally restore everything back. It was a nightmare. But apparently, I wasn’t the only one facing problems after the new Big Sur update.

Owners of 13-inch MacBook Pro models that were released in late 2013 or mid 2014 have encountered a fatal issue that caused just that when attempting to update their machines to macOS Big Sur. Oh boy. 

The owners have taken to Reddit, Twitter, and the Apple support forum to report the problem. They explain that during the update to the new macOS version, their MacBooks froze and displayed a black screen. My problem was bad but at the very least I could still get my laptop going to get some things done. These people couldn’t even do anything.

Apple did what they can to respond and help. One Reddit user shared that Apple instructed them to send in their device for a repair. Another user said that the issue has been brought up to Apple’s engineering team, indicating that the company should now be aware of it.

How in the world did this happen? The only explanation I got from Apple was that there was a possible glitch that occurred when updating but it’s not confirmed whether these glitches and problems happened because of the users themselves or the Big Sur update.

What about you guys? Did something happen to your Macbooks? Share us your experience with the new update in the comments below


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