Looks Like The OPPO Reno 2 Is Coming After All; No Surprises There

As we mentioned yesterday, OPPO had teased a device that was shrouded in ‘mystery’. And today they’ve come out to announce that it is indeed, the Reno 2. We can expect the device to launch sometime in October, so stay tuned to know more about it when we get our hands on the phone.

But at least this time around, they’ve given us some more details on what the phone will be capable of. We don’t really know much else about the device, besides the picture above. It’ll double what the Reno 10x Zoom is capable of, with a 20x Zoom, Ultra Steady Video which we assume is their version of image stabilization, and finally that it will have an 8GB RAM and 256GB Storage variant. And that’s pretty much all they’ve told us. The rest of it is this, if you were curious.

“Ditching the cliché photography techniques in favor of more fresh, thought-provoking
camerawork. The phone’s innovative technology will allow users to break perspectives, opening their minds to new angles and possibilities, uninhibited by place or time – from vast plateaus to cramped city streets, or sundrenched beaches to dark, moonless nights.

“Changing the way consumers interact with their phones and become a device that does more than communicate. The Reno 2 is said to have quality level of purpose-built action camera, regardless of users’ active lifestyles with hybrid stabilization technology. Capturing videos will be more dramatic and exciting
with the OPPO Reno 2.”

So yeah, guess that’s the hype train for the OPPO Reno 2.

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