Long Time No Hear; Refund Sisters Overwhelmed By The Sound Of Pre-Recorded Applause

This video definitely made me cry. Like I was sobbing. It’s just too emotional. But before we get into this fun little article, let me introduce you to who the Refund Sisters are. They are a seasonal South Korean supergroup formed on the MBC variety show Hangout with Yoo. 

The 4 members consists of top K-Pop artist of their generation;  Lee Hyori, Jessi, Uhm Jung-hwa and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa. They released their debut song Don’t Touch Me on October 10 and the music video later on October 28.

So due to Covid-19, artistes, musicians and performers cannot do live concerts or shows in front of a live audience so it’s actually very sad to hear silence every time you see them perform on TV especially after they ended their performance. Of course, now they added pre-recorded cheers at the beginning and ending of the artistes’ performances but it isn’t the same.

So here’s what got me crying. In an episode of How Do You Play?, the Refund Sisters were pre-recording their final performance of their song Don’t Touch Me in an empty stadium filled with light sticks at the seats. Midway through their performance, suddenly they heard loud cheering, fan chants and an audience singing along to their song.

The loud cheering and singing were pre-recorded but the way the producers made it sound so real as if the whole stadium was filled with people made me had goosebumps. I haven’t realised just how long it’s been since we heard cheering like that. The Refund Sisters were so surprised to hear the cheers as it sounded so real that they started to become overwhelmed with emotions.

Each member struggled to carry on singing and dancing cause of how overwhelmed they were with the sound of cheering. You can see how much they missed that sound, how much they miss seeing their fans, how much energy that was missing in previous performances. They managed to finish their performance.

I too have a passion in performing and was very active in it during my study years so to a certain extend, I understand how the Refund Sisters felt in this video. Performers are most alive on stage, we feed off the crowd’s energy and we live for the applause as it brings us joy. To have all that gone definitely felt like a giant hole in our lives.

I didn’t want to cry alone so I thought I should bring you guys along in this fun little article. Honestly, we should really be grateful with today’s technology cause artists still get to do music and do online concerts with fans tuning in and they’d still get to see each other through the video calls. This would not have been possible back in the day.


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