Lenovo Legion Becomes Overclockable With Corsair Partnership

Lenovo is partnering Corsair to give gamers with uncontrollable urge to overclock their PC’s with an overclockable memory in their Lenovo Legion gaming systems. This collaboration will see the high end Lenovo Legion Y920 tower with an optional Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 memory.

Unlike other gaming machines, Lenovo is working with reputable third party on memory to boost its appeal among the gaming community, who like to tweak and personalise their systems based on their gaming needs. With Corsair gamers are able to squeeze every ounce of performance for faster system response and higher memory bandwidth to maximise in-game performance. Apart from just gaming, the overclockable memory is useful for streaming gameplay, or putting together a sophisticated montage.

Lenovo views the partnership as just a beginning and assures there will be more exciting announcements in the coming future. The Lenovo Legion Y920 Tower with Corsair Vengeance LPX overclockable DDR4 memory edition will be available starting at €2,299 (approximately RM11500)

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