Lenovo Foldable Notebook, A Novelty The Most!

The question of ‘ is this going to work?’ is never fully answered in the technology, as we have come to know even the most wackiest of ideas has a place in the world. So, when Samsung and a couple of other mobile device makers decided to introduce a full display foldable smartphone, the response was mixed with most calling it a novelty rather than practical. Despite early setbacks (foldable screens and hinges are not ready for harsh folding it seems, as Samsung found out) the idea has spawned PC manufacturer Lenovo to release the ThinkPad X1 which resembles more like two tablets stitched together than anything else.

To make this possible, the company turned to LG to provide the OLED screen than is flexible enough to fold and render the notebook the claim of being the worlds first foldable notebook. But just looking at the prototype gives shivers one’s spine, given the fact OLED is expensive the notebook will undoubtedly be pricey, does anyone here feel the folding point here to last 3 years? A never tested before flexible screen to take the rigid flip to withstand the multiple opening and closing of the notebook? Even metal hinges fall apart after a few months let alone flimsy perspex.

While the concept is novel for a Hollywood movie, reality is far more different, notebooks are not a single use item, we use them constantly for hours, they are productive machines and not show-off items. Assuming the in-screen keyboard is super responsive, where would one rest the palm- so now we have palm prints!

Lenova calls the ThinkPad X1 a combination of productivity with smartphone portability, but we have seen how unholy marriages often turn out, and this will probably enter that list before it hits production by 2020.

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