Lego Vidiyo; AR-Powered Version of TikTok For The Younger Audiences

TikTok gained a lot of new users and influencers along the way. However, there are contents featured there that are still very risque to be seen by children especially without parents’ supervision. Sexual, violence and drugs could be portrayed freely without restrictions which made it dangerous for kids.

Lego will be launching a new augmented reality social video service by the name of Vidiyo that allows users to create their own music video and dance clips and share it with friends. They can even apply their own effect and styles in the video they are creating.

Yes, it screams TikTok but this time, the target audience is younger with built-in stricter surveillance. A Lego twist is also what makes most of the UI built-in real-world Lego bricks instead of toggles in an app.

Users must download the app and select a song to create a Vidiyo account so there will be an array of licensed songs from actual bands to choose ranging from 5 Seconds of Summer to Imagine Dragons.

Other than selecting filters and dancing, kids can instead scan a Lego Minifigure to star in the video together with any Lego “BeatBit” tiles which are 2 x 2 bricks that unlock the various digital AR effects in the app. Following that, they can dance to the music with a full-sized version of their Lego character in AR before the editing and sharing the clip.

Don’t worry! Lego ensures that the contents are always being moderated. All the content uploaded must pass a moderation test first and any content featuring “personally identifying information” would not be allowed to be uploaded.

Lego hasn’t disclosed much information about Vidiyo especially about the cost. The company however, promised to provide more information upon the launching of Lego Vidiyo products on March 1.

The idea is very creative and family-friendly but the execution still sounds complicated. Still a long time to go for March 1 so let’s just wait for it.


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