Keeping Your Loved Ones Close With A Monitor For Baby And Home

Sometimes a product comes along that goes beyond what it was originally intended for. Kodak C525 is on such product. The C525 is a baby monitor under the kodak home themed product category. The C525 comes in 2 parts, the main camera module which has 360 degree pan and tilt capabilities. Which is powered by a micro USB connector cable which allows the use of any USB cable and charger. There is also a built-in microphone and speaker. The design is also unique, a cylindrical base which houses a battery so that the camera can still function when the power is out.

The camera module also houses temperature and humidity sensors which can be configured to monitor those two parameters in the room. What sets the C525 apart is that it also comes with its own monitor unit which connects directly via wifi to the camera to provide a live video feed from the camera module with audio. The Monitor also controls the pan and tilt with dedicated buttons for up, down, left and right. It can also function as a two-way communication device with the built-in microphone and speaker on the monitor. With the built-in battery and the direct wifi connection the C525 can be setup anywhere it is needed for a short period of time. There is no setup required all it takes is a fully charged battery and to turn it on.

The monitor is not the only method of viewing a live feed from the camera. I found that this camera is also a very effective CCTV/Doorbell cam provided it is not exposed to the elements. It could be used to see who is at your door or checking to see the deliveries that are being delivered to your home. Monitoring the camera from outside the home can be done via their app, Kodak Smart Home. All the functions are perfectly replicated on the app.


Sneak peak from the camera view
Super crisp images and quality colour contrast


The monitor module is wide and offers all the relevant information


Beside the monitor, the Kodak app can be useful when not at home


The ability to control the pan & tilt by swiping on the screen and pinch to zoom controls are very intuitive. Picture this, you are away from your home and one of the home shopping deliveries arrive at your door, using the app you could communicate with the delivery person and verify that the delivery is correct and view that it has been placed accordingly. In this way the unit can function just as well as any other HD webcam on the market. The cost of this setup is a bit on the high side, lowest price upon this review is RM809. However if I factor in the monitor with the built in battery some might find the cost acceptable.

The product is available for purchase on Shopee 



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