Kaira Partners with NETGEAR & Toshiba; Customers Win

All your IT solutions in one place

Kaira Global Technologies, regional distributor of IT peripherals, storage, networking, display products and services have partnered with both NETGEAR and Toshiba to become their official distributor in the region. With this partnership, Kaira is cementing its position as the one stop solution for all things IT.

“Being hands-on both with the brands that we distribute and the customers that we service is our key strength. We are deeply involved with principals at product selection and planning stage to ensure we are first to market. We commit volumes to get competitive pricing to the market and ensure that we always have adequate stocks. We also provide service and support for the brands that we represent.”

Rajesh Attal, CEO & Founder of Kaira

NETGEAR, who are a big name in the US, have a unique networking portfolio that they are keen to expand in South East Asia. Their networking portfolio includes a revolutionary cloud management solution, WiFi routers and high performing, secure network storage.

Providing network solutions for businesses since 1996, NETGEAR offers services that is not only reliable, but also affordable. Their prices are at a fraction of the cost of traditional big IT vendors and scales as your business grows. Their solutions are also so easy to use, no extra training or additional IT staff are required.

As the landscape of the industry changes, NETGEAR has adapted to meet the demands of the changing market. They’ve veered from a hardware only business to a service oriented business with the launch of NETGEAR Insight Pro.

According to Isaac Lim, Sales Director for South East Asia for NETGEAR, Insight Pro is a cloud based platform that allows you to configure, monitor, update and troubleshoot your devices from anywhere in the world. It is basically an app that manages all your nether devices, which means no more emergency trips to the office. Totally painless one touch IT.

Toshiba have been around the block as well and are one of the few remaining big players when it comes to storage. With their market share steadily growing over the years, Toshiba is more than capable of addressing all your storage needs.

“N300 Hard drives are basically built for 24/7 usage. It’s always on and is suitable for SOHO or personal use as well. What you need in a 24/7 environment is ability to handle high workloads. It has higher specs with more buffer and more cache, which is essential for always on protection. ”

Edmund Foong, Regional Business Development Manager, Toshiba

Toshiba is also the most consistent and reliable storage option around, with hard disk failure rates of around 0 percent according to Backblaze’s annual hard drive reliability statistics.

It is indeed an exciting time for all 3 brands in the region. Through this partnership, the three companies have shown that they have identified profitable growth strategies and trends and have partnered with other solid reliable companies to ride this trend together in order to ensure better availability and prices for consumers.

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