Kaby Lake’s Core i7 Has Been Overclocked to Over 7GHz!

Although Kaby Lake still hasn’t been officially launched yet, professional overclocker Allen ‘Splave’ Golibersuch has found a way to push it to its limits. Reports from TechPowerUp say the man has achieved a stable overclock of 7022.96 megahertz (7.02GHz) on an early Core i7-7700K chip.

He was able to achieve such numbers by shutting down 2 cores and disabling hyper threading. He pumped the voltage up to 2.0V and cooled the chip down with liquid nitrogen.

While initial reports have shown that Kaby Lake isn’t quite the huge leap in performance we expected, it’s nice to see Intel has made it possible for enthusiasts to perform some serious overclocking once again!

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