Japan, Malaysia Strengthen Bilateral Ties In Summit Meeting

In a recent summit meeting held between Japanese and Malaysian officials, the two countries affirmed their commitment to deepening bilateral relations and strengthening cooperation in various key areas. 

The summit was attended by prominent figures on both sides, including Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Mr. MORIYA Hiroshi and Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, Mr.MORI Masafumi from Japan, and Malaysian dignitaries like Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dato’ Seri Diraja Dr. Zambry, Minister of Economy, Tuan Mohd Rafizi, and Minister of Investment, Trade, and Industry Tengku Datuk Seri Utama Zafrul.

The meeting commenced with a one-on-one discussion between the two leaders, Prime Minister Anwar of Malaysia and Prime Minister Kishida of Japan, underlining their mutual commitment to enhancing bilateral relations. Both leaders emphasized the significance of Japan’s Look East Policy and Malaysia’s role in maintaining a free and open international order based on the rule of law and respect for human dignity.

Key topics covered during the summit included the economy, environment, and human resource development. Prime Minister Anwar expressed eagerness to welcome more investment from Japanese companies, while Prime Minister Kishida pledged support to improve the investment climate for Japanese businesses in Malaysia. ‘

The leaders also discussed areas of collaboration such as stable LNG supply, decarbonization, and the “Asian Zero Emission Community (AZEC)” concept, emphasizing digital and cyber security.

Additionally, they highlighted the signing of a renewed Memorandum of Co-operation on information and communications, with a focus on promoting cyber security and 5G technology. The summit provided an opportunity to confirm the steady implementation of the ASEAN-Japan Midori Cooperation Plan, recently adopted at the ASEAN-Japan Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture and Forestry.

The leaders discussed human resource development, people-to-people exchanges, and cultural interactions, including the opening of a branch campus of the University of Tsukuba in Malaysia in the coming year. 

On the front of security and defense cooperation, Prime Minister Kishida recognized Malaysia’s vital role in regional peace and security, and both leaders agreed to strengthen strategic exchanges between their countries. They also emphasized coordination for the implementation of the Official Security Assistance (OSA) and collaboration in the maritime field.

In addressing the regional and international landscape, Prime Minister Kishida expressed Japan’s intention to bolster Japan-ASEAN relations during the upcoming Commemorative Summit for the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation. Prime Minister Anwar expressed his hope for enhanced Japan-ASEAN relations.

Prime Minister Kishida conveyed Japan’s stance on the Israeli-Palestinian situation, emphasizing adherence to international law, preventing instability from spreading to neighboring nations, and improving the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. 

He expressed deep concern about unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force in the East and South China Seas, highlighting the importance of close cooperation on this issue. Both leaders affirmed their cooperation in dealing with North Korea on nuclear and missile issues, as well as the abductions issue.

The summit also addressed various regional and international challenges, including the situations in Ukraine and Myanmar, as well as nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.

The meeting concluded with a Document Exchange Ceremony and a Joint Press Occasion, marking a significant step in strengthening the ties between Japan and Malaysia.

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