Could the FitBit Versa Be Coming to Malaysia?

You don’t have to be in shape to wear a fitness tracker; this writer wears one and yet the only shape I’m in is round. That being said, the FitBit Versa is definitely more than just a fitness tracker. Having already been on sale in America since March, we knew it was coming to Malaysia; FitBit said it would arrive here in ‘the next three months’.

Fitbit Versa Metal

But all signs point towards FitBit launching it as soon as late April. If our predictions of a late-April come true, we better get our wallets ready soon. It makes sense too; many of FitBit’s products have arrived here after it’s Western faster than expected.

Earlier reports says that you can get the base model FitBit Versa for RM990. This gets you an aluminum case too. Getting other colours will get you different case colours;  gray gets you a silver aluminum case, while peach comes with a rose gold aluminum case. These will also cost you RM990.

Furthermore, you can get FitBit bands from between RM130 to RM420. If you have a little extra, you could snag the Fitbit Versa Special Edition for RM 1,120.

The smartwatch comes with Bluetooth connectivity and has a four day battery life. It has a gunmetal aluminium body and is capable of 164ft of water resistance.

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