Internet Tree Girl Leaves Us Questions About Our Connectivity Issue

Netizens are loving our latest discovery from Sabah, the young University Sabah Malaysia kid who stayed up a tree a whole day to complete her online exam. The reason she had to climb has nothing to do with a gimmicke she was pulling off, but actually to get better connection for her laptop.

While  we admire her tenacious will to finish her paper at all cost, no kid has to put his or her life at risk to study. Ever since the country went into Movement Control Order due to Covid-19, we have seen many weakness in the digital connectivity system being exposed. After spending billions in the fiberisation project, Malaysia has still big gaps yet to be filled, both urban and rural folks are still struggling to get basic internet.

Veveonah Mosibin is from Sabah, the state has been last on the radar of telecommunication company’s to set up base. Commercial firms will go where there is scale before they decide to build expensive networks but Sabah isn’t, instead the vast jungle prevents conventional infrastructure to be built, but this is where the Government must step in and ensure no Malaysians is left behind, the digital divide should not exist. Veveonah posted her adventure on her YouTube channel and have been viewed over 150,000 time which has her elated, like her there are many individuals in Malaysia who are exploring themselves with creative skills using technology however if the basic requirement is far from reality, how can they make that leap into the digital economy.

Newly-minted Communication Minister has been tasked to overhaul the country’s fibre network the glaring disconnection was very obvious during the MCO, former minister Gobind Deo had momentum with NFCP and reduced price of using broadband, here’s hoping Dato Saifuddin picks up where it was left.

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