Intel Optane Technology and Intel QLC NAND Technology Come Together on a Single Drive

(Credit: Intel Corporation)

Intel today revealed details about Intel® Optane memory H10 with solid-state storage – a device that combines the responsiveness of Intel Optane technology with the storage capacity of Intel Quad Level Cell (QLC) 3D NAND technology in a single space-saver M.2 form factor.

“Intel Optane memory H10 with solid-state storage features the unique combination of Intel Optane technology and Intel QLC 3D NAND – exemplifying our disruptive approach to memory and storage that unleashes the full power of Intel-connected platforms in a way no else can provide.”
–Rob Crooke, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group

The combination of Optane tech with Intel QLC 3D NAND on a single M.2 module lets Intel Optane memory expand into thin and light notebooks. This would also be applicable to certain space-constrained desktops like all-in-one PCs and mini PCs. The product will offer a higher level of performance that can’t be done by traditional Triple Level Cell (TLC) 3D NAND SSDs. It would also render the need for a secondary storage device, useless.

High-speed acceleration and large SSD storage capacity on a single drive will benefit everyday computer users. This would apply to users whether they use their systems to create, game or work.  8th Generation Intel Core U-series mobile platforms with the Intel Optane memory H10 and solid state storage will be arriving through major OEMs starting this quarter. With these platforms Intel claims that everyday users will be able to:

  • Launch documents up to 2 times faster while multitasking.
  • Launch games 60% faster while multitasking.
  • Open media files up to 90% faster while multitasking.

Intel Optane memory H10 with solid state storage will be have upto 1TB of total storage.

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