Intel Announces Gemini Lake Based Pentium Silver Processors

Intel is ready to release the next generation of processors based on its Gemini Lake architecture and at the same time introduce a new brand category for the first time differentiating between high and lower end processors.

The Pentium range will now be defined as either Pentium Gold which will be regarded as the premium range including for the existing Kaby Lake architecture which are the Core i series using big cores. And as for Pentium Silver which will be based on the Gemini architecture low power core’s, the range will made for more affordable devices, giving consumers a balance decision option when purchasing their next Intel based product. This is in line with calls from consumers for more affordable PC’s without the performance compromise.

Keeping up with demand for mobility speeds, Intel is will will offer Gigabit Wi-Fi capability for the modern user who expects faster connectivity and needs to ensure the devices are capable of handling next generation LTE technology. The new architecture uses 2×2 802.11AC with 160MHz channels, giving users the capability for extremely fast networking performance that delivers download speeds up to two times faster compared with systems using 802.11AC, 12 times faster compared with systems using 802.11 BGN, and even faster than a wired Gigabit Ethernet connection.

New processors from Intel include Intel Pentium Silver for mobile and desktop and Celeron for both platforms, Intel expects the new editions will be soon seen on upcoming desktops and 2 in 1 by OEM brands in 2018.

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