Instagram-worthy Reno5 Friendship Wonderland Mural In Kuala Lumpur

 OPPO Malaysia is expediting the OPPO Reno5 Series on January 18 and it is all about Picturing Life Together. In collaboration with Abdulrashade Studio, this is to bring the concept to life by creating a beautiful mural that captures the essence of friendship anytime of the day and illuminated at night.

OPPO Malaysia comprehends the need of a place that is Instagrammable hence the collaboration with Abdulrashade Studio and WheyChillin Ice Cream KL. 

The artist, Abdulrashade painted this mural at the well-known Kwai Zai Hong area in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, specifically on the outer wall of WheyChilling Ice Cream KL, which is located along Jalan Balai Polis, Kuala Lumpur.

Kwai Zai Hong is chosen due to the essence of current millennials who will go to certain extent for a perfect photo shoot.

OPPO Malaysia and Abdulrashade decided to make the mural interactive and only light up when two individuals stand in front of it to create a better bond among users. This gives users a unique spot to shoot some Insta-worthy photos that are supported by a beautiful backdrop.

“At Abdulrashade Studio, we are proud to collaborate with OPPO Malaysia to create an interactive mural art for the OPPO Reno5. Patrons can use the AI Highlight Video, and Dual-view Video features of the device to capture both the experience and the view altogether, no matter the lighting conditions around the mural. 

Creating this interactive mural has been an amazing achievement for us, because it truly showcases my fullest potential and capabilities in creating art. I hope that this art captures the essence of youth, the creative energy, and for some, even helps to claim back some lost time with loved ones due to the pandemic of 2020,” as per told by Abdulrashade.

Nikki Chen, the Marketing Director at OPPO Malaysia said that, the OPPO Reno5, with a 64MP Quad Camera setup, is suitable for any event. It is also the perfect device to commemorate friendship and couples, as it enables them to always picture life together via the dual-view function.

Upon the launching on January 18 at 6pm, OPPO is giving away 15 units of OPPO Reno5 to embark on a creative journey and moments in life.


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