Huawei’s New Release Wireless Earphone HiPair Freelace Pro Review


Since the release of previous variants FreeLace and FreeBuds lines, the new design wireless free earphones from Huawei has taken the Pro status a more ergonomic design packed with unique form of active noise cancellation included. Official release will be available in GRAPHITE BLACK color from the Huawei’s Official website.

The neckband design allows the earphones to feel light and comfortable, very much like a neck accessory.

The neckband design uses the memory flex neck strap technology and the earbuds back are magnetic so you will be able to attach the earbuds together to end the connection for longer battery life for daily use.

And when you separate them, it will reconnect and get you back to your music or calls making the  Freelace Pro a more flexible option.

After few days of using the Freelace Pro, among the best features that I really enjoyed using was the 3-mic Call Noise Cancellation mode. By touching the left side of the earphone, it has a touch sensor which allows users to activate Audio Noise Cancelation (ANC) mode which effectively reduces the interference of environmental noise during calls.

It also provides the option to enable or disable the ANC mode by touching the earbuds. It also comes with the “Awareness” mode where you can hear the outside world more naturally.

On the right side of the earphone comes the functions to switch On/Off . This can be done via pressing the power button for 2 seconds. In order to pair with a device, press the power button for 4 seconds or double press the power buttons which the earphone has built in memory allowing users to switch between two devices simultaneously. Added Play/pause functional buttons for music or answer/end-call.

Huawei has announced HiPair supported on some Huawei and Honor devices running EMUI 9.1 or later for pairing mode. Other Android or IOS devices can use the Bluetooth pairing mode.

This earphone build to play well with quite deep bass that packs enough punch to be enjoyable without overpowering the rest of the track you’re listening or gaming.  I have also tried playing music through Spotify and games like PUBG Mobile, and the sound effects was pretty enjoyable.

The headphones are quite comfortable as they don’t put too much pressure on your inner ear. They’re also stable enough to wear for outdoor activity and gym.

This is the best part when you’re having a wireless earphone always worried about forgotten to carry the charging case incase the battery got drained. Huawei has designed the Freelace Pro where it can be carried out without having to worry about the charging case.

The earbuds has a built-in USB-C connector can be charged from any USB-C charger, PC, or even direct to phone charging port using Huawei’s HIPair Application. Huawei hasn’t confirmed if this functionality will work with other Android phones for direct charging.

One thing that really got my attention is if the earbuds were not attached and continues to playback, this may drain the battery life otherwise.

The Freelace Pro is a good choice of earphone among other wireless models in the market that provide quality battery life, optimize wireless sound waves and rugged build quality. If you are looking for new wireless earphone within your budget. then consider the new Freelace Pro.

Check out about below the specs for neckband wireless earphone designed by Huawei.

Huawei FreeLace Pro specs and tech:

Speaker Units: One dynamic driver unit (diameter: 14.2 mm) on each earphone (Magnetic Snap)

Dimension: Total length (including the cable and earphones): 862.4 mm

Battery: 150 mAh (typical) | Type: Lithium polymer battery

Playtime: 24-hour playback on one charge

Water Resistant    : IP55

Fully Charged: About an Hour (Charging Port: USB-C plug)

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 | Voice Assistant

Microphone: Two MEMS microphones for ANC on each earphone





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