Horizon: Zero Dawn Sequel Reportedly Heading To PS5

The sequel to Guerilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn will reportedly be developed for Sony’s next-gen console, the PS5.

According to VGC, the game was initially being developed for Sony’s PS4. Now, however, the focus has entirely shifted for a PS5 release. Makes total sense too, since the PS5 is still slated to release in holiday 2020.

The sequel will reportedly be a whole lot bigger than its predecessor, with much more freedom for exploration compared to the first game.

There’s also a possibility of co-op being added to the game. Co-op play was apparently planned for the first entry to the franchise, though it was scrapped to focus on other areas of the game.

This is further backed by a leaked concept of the first game that shows off not just Aloy, but another two additional characters taking on a Thunderjaw.

It has also been teased how the new DualSense controller will impact gameplay for the upcoming sequel.

System architect Mark Cerny and CEO Jim Ryan suggested the controller’s adaptive triggers will let players feel more tension from in-game actions, “like when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow”.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily imply they’re talking about the sequel itself, but it still stands as something we can expect to see when the game launches.

There are also plans to do a full trilogy for the franchise. Plans for more titles were already written before the first game’s release. It was only confirmed after the game became both a critical and commercial success.

While it’s exciting to hear what may come from the next game and beyond, we’re still quite a ways from a PS5 release, more so a Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel.

In the meantime, a PC version of the game is slated for a summer release.

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