Here’s An Official Look At The New Apple Watch; Oh Sorry, Oppo Watch

Oppo has officially unveiled their upcoming smartwatch, dubbed the Oppo Watch.

Following the trend of smart watches, Oppo has finally showed their iteration and honestly, it looks very similar to the Apple Watch (particularly their Series 1, 2, and 3 versions). I mean, even the name is similar!


There are, however, some differences between the Oppo Watch and Apple Watch in terms of design. The most noticeable difference is the absence of a rotating crown. Instead two buttons are placed on the right side, suggesting a mostly touch-screen based navigation system. Perhaps it’s just me, but it does look slightly taller as well.

Apart from that, the smartwatch does look to have curved edges at its side. It’s hard to tell from the image if there are curves at the top, but it looks like a miniaturised version of their phone¬†counterpart, the Oppo Find X.

At the moment, it looks to be providing two different colours; black and gold. It’s unclear what OS the smartwatch is running, or whether the straps on the smartwatch are detachable like the Apple Watch.

Though it has not been revealed, Oppo has been pricing their products rather high as of late and this smartwatch may be placed at a more premium price point.

More information about the Oppo Watch will be unveiled during Oppo’s event on 6th March, alongside the Oppo Find X2.

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