Grab Singapore Charging S$4 Cancellation Fees

With recent news of Grab Singapore charging S$4 for cancellations, we have to wonder what this could mean for Grab here. Grab Singapore will start charging S$4 for users cancelling depending on situation. All cancellations made before 5 minutes will be free. If you cancel 5 minutes after the booking or if the driver waits for 5 minutes without you showing up, you’ll be charged S$4. In relation to where the fee goes, Grab says:

“100% of the fee goes to your driver when you cancel your booking late, or don’t show up on time for your ride. This compensates your driver for his or her time on the road.”

With this in mind, it’s possible Grab Malaysia would be thinking to adopt the same or similar system. If they did plan on it there are some concerns I have in mind. For example, if a Grab driver accepted a job but didn’t want to go there. The driver could just wait it out, drive around and later claim that there was traffic or a missed turn.

Today I had that exact situation. The driver accepted the job, dropped a passenger off 5 minutes away and just waited there. Did not respond to my messages or anything. I had to cancel the ride and wait for another car. Check out the below images and the time the screenshots were taken.

I waited for around 10 minutes until I decided he wasn’t going to come. Grab’s App didn’t recognize it wasn’t 5 minutes away. 5 minutes passed and it still showed that amount of time.

Grab should consider bringing in a feature where it displays the time the Grab was booked. This would hopefully counteract this issue. If it showed the time you booked the car, you can actually know the amount of time from booking to getting in. With Grab Singapore’s new cancellation policy, situations like this could occur more often. And could possibly hurt the user if the system is abused.

Let’s hope Grab Malaysia stays the same for now. Maybe a revised version of the policy would be better but for now we’ll have to wait and see.



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