Grab Has Declared Region-Wide Covid-19 Vaccination Programme For Accessibility and Education

Grab has launched a region-wide programme to increase the vaccine access and education for all stakeholders on its platform. The programme is including a myriad of measures to encourage all passengers, driver and delivery partners to get vaccinated. 

Grab also plans to work closely with local governments across the region to offer mobility, communications, and logistics aid for national vaccine deployment plans through its ground fleet network and widely used consumer app.

The vaccine programme is built around the two pillars of access and education. Grab is devoted to supporting informed and equitable access to vaccines for all Southeast Asians as the vaccines have been rolled out. A survey by the Ministry of Health in December last year around vaccine confidence showed that a third of Malaysians are still wary of the vaccine.

In terms of access, Grab intends to support convenient access to the Covid-19 vaccine and to encourage our stakeholders to get vaccinated by subsidising the time, cost and effort of the vaccines for driver and delivery partners, extending the medical leave protection fund to cover potential loss of income by drivers and delivery partners. 

The extension is free of charge. Lastly is to cover the cost of vaccination for all Grab employees and their immediate family members not covered by national vaccination schemes.

Grab’s goal is to reach fully vaccinated status for all Grab employees as well as Grab drivers and delivery partners by end of 2022.

For education purposes, Grab works closely with local governments to provide important and timely vaccination information in order to combat misinformation and boost public confidence in Covid-19 vaccines. 

Grab will work with Southeast Asian governments and health authorities to publish accurate vaccine and other public health information within dedicated high-visibility spaces within the Grab app as well as launching a “Covid-19 Snap Survey” platform. 

The survey platform will let governments work with Grab to conduct lightning surveys on a wide sample pool to gather real-time data on vaccine sentiment. Grab also plans to do virtual workshops to educate partners on the benefits of getting vaccinated.

“We’ve worked closely with governments across Southeast Asia throughout the past year to address pandemic challenges on multiple fronts, and now hope to play our part in making sure every Southeast Asian has access to the right information and resources to get vaccinated,” said Russell Cohen, Group Managing Director of Operations, Grab.

Currently, Grab is in talks with various local governments across the region in facilitating and coordinating safe, reliable mobility to and from vaccination centers, as well as last-mile vaccine distribution. This is also to design initiatives to address specific challenges in each country.

“We’re ready to offer our technology, network and reach to support national vaccination efforts in the best way we can, and look forward to releasing more information on our initiatives locally as plans are confirmed,” concluded Cohen.

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