Govt Issues ‘Last Warning’ Letter To Telekom Malaysia

Under fire telecommunication service provider, TM has been issued a Last Warning notice for its confusing advertising postings on September 2. This refers to the outcry by Unifi users who noticed a change in offerings on its plans, a reduced offerings compared to prior month.

The notice issued by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), accused Telekom Malaysia of not placing adequate information on its promotional materials and advertising on the offered 500Mbps package. In the letter, the governing agency has asked the operator to ensure clear, accurate, adequate, truthful and latest information to be made available at all times in its communications. TM has also been ordered to correct all its marketing and communication materials without delay.

It all started when TM posted its new Unifi packages for 500Mbps on its portals, users of the plans were shocked to see when its upload speed was halved from 200Mbps compared to its earlier offerings. The telco claimed that the 100Mbps upload speed was the correct one while the earlier package of 200Mbps was on a trial basis. This led to public feeling cheated and misled over its promotional campaigns.

MCMC is taking the matter seriously and called on the management at the government owned corporation to get their act together. TM would not want to be on the bad books of the regulator, as the sole agency overseeing connectivity issues in the country itself has been under the spotlight for being easy on lackadaisical operators.

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