Google Play Makes Reading Comics Easier with Bubble Zoom


















Google Play has introduced an app that makes reading comics on your smart devices a lot easier with the Bubble Zoom. With the Bubble zoom, your smart devices will recognize the speech bubble within the comics and enlarge them for your reading. Unveiled at the San Diego Comic Con, the speech bubble will expand one tap at a time when you use the Bubble Zoom, making it enjoyable when you read your favourite comics, such as Justice League or Invincible Iron Man. There is also a new vertical scrolling that will make your comic reading experience better.

The same technology is being used such as the one to recognize objects in photos, only this one is to recognize speech bubbles. Bubble Zoom will be available on the latest version of Google Play Books app for Android as a technical preview with all Marvel and DC collected volumes supported.

This exclusive experience is only at the initial stage, there will be more to come as we teach our machine to learn more and do more for comics.

So enjoy Bubble Zoom and stay tuned for more news!

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