Google Caves In To Leaks, Releases First Official Image Of Pixel 4 & Gets One Up On Apple In The Process

In an Amazing Turn Of Events, It Looks Like Apple Will Now Be The One Knocking Google Off In the Square-Cam Race

Google has clearly had enough of their Pixel phones leaking out months before it’s official release, and with the Pixel 4 leaks coming in thick and fast, Google has decided to jump ahead of the game. The company posted a very early photo of the Pixel 4 and it looks pretty much exactly like what we expected.

The tweet, from which a change in Google’s design language is evident, features the back of the phone and clearly shows at least two rear cameras and what looks like a sensor of some kind (probably a spectral sensor), the flash and a small dot on the lower right of the square camera setup. No guesses on what the function of this small dot is but speculation is that it’s possibly a microphone of some sort. An interesting question is whether or not the second camera is for wide angles or for portraits. My money is on a wide angle lens, given that the excellent software on the single lens Pixel 3 can already capture pretty solid portrait mode shots.

Would I prefer a wide angle lens though? Not at all. Apple uses their iPhone’s second camera a telephoto lens, which in my opinion is a hell of a lot more useful than the wide angle feature. While we’ll just have to wait and see in that department, one thing is for certain: Two cameras = Better AR capabilities. The Pixel 3 already has some impressive AR features with just a single lens, imagine the software tricks they can pull off with two lenses!

Besides the square camera module, Google seems to have done away with a fingerprint scanner on the back of their device for the first time ever. This however, is no surprise seeing as in-screen finger print scanners are all the rage now.

With the leaks of Apple’s iPhone 11, which came out much earlier than the pixel 4 leaks, displaying a square camera module, the narrative was pretty much that Google took a page from Apple in the square-cam department. But in a stunning display of marketing guile, Google pretty much said not today, Satan! and have now shifted the narrative.

With the iPhone 11 slated to come out a full month before the Pixel 4, no one can really say Google knocked off Apple’s “revolutionary” (Huawei did it on the Mate 20) design. Of course, this is assuming Apple actually sticks with the square cam thing in the first place.


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