Goodluck Catfishing On Tinder; There’s Now A Photo Verification Feature In The New App Update

Goodbye Eduardo, 24, from Brazil, you’ve served me well..

Catfishing is a relatively new term. Ask your mum or dad and they’ll probably think it has something to do with fishing.. for catfishes.. or something. For those of us who are well versed with the world of dating apps however, the term catfish can sometimes hit rather close to home. So what exactly is a catfish? Well, it’s that painfully awkward moment when you show up for a date and the other person looks absolutely nothing like their photos, so you spend the entirety of the date trying to figure out what to do with the situation and end up buying dinner for this complete stranger who you now know everything about because she couldn’t stop talking all night!!!!

Anyway, Tinder is FINALLY introducing a photo verification feature to the app, much like how Grab did at the end of last year, that will compare a series of real-time selfies to existing pictures on your Tinder profile to cross check if you really are Eduardo, the fit, handsome volleyball player from Brazil that your Tinder profile claims you are!!!

If the photos match, it will be subjected to a human-assisted AI review. Once it passes that, users will get a blue checkmark on their profile, much like the verified badges you see on celebrity profiles on Instagram or Twitter. So the next time you match with someone with a blue checkmark on their profiles, at least you know you’re talking to a person who looks¬†somewhat like their profile pictures.

The feature is currently being tested in select markets and will become more widely available as 2020 goes on. My only question is why didn’t they just do this earlier? It seems like such an easy fix to a problem that’s been plaguing the online dating scene for the longest time. Not that I’d know though.



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