Global Covid-19 Cases Surpass 16 Million, Three Country Make Up Half

No one predicted this 3 months back, the global  COVID-19 cases have surpassed 16 million accelerating over the 2 months period as countries infected continued to see a surge in new cases.Johns Hopkins University recorded total count to be 16,048,100 with 644,537 deaths based on the latest data however with the coronavirus engulfing 90% of the planet only sparing the North and South pole, interestingly three countries make up half of the total number of cases in the world. North America, Brazil and India combined have already reached 8 million positive cases and continue to see a rise in their daily numbers.

The most developed nation with all its superiority in weaponry and technology, the United States of America is sitting in pole position with 4.3 million and does not see the cases dropping anytime soon. A bungling government administration and gung-ho governors are adding distress to the situation leaving the vulnerable community susceptible to the deadly virus. US has the highest number of deaths with close to 150, 000.

Brazil which mimics US in its handling of the pandemic is witnessing similar results, the country caught up with the world despite recording the outbreak later than any other nation. Within a span of 2 months the South American country has 2.4 million cases with 87,000 deaths thus far, sadly the curve hasn’t flatten and no enforced social distancing guidelines are in place.

Slowly and surely inching its way up the chart is India, the nation of 1.3 billion has currently 1.3 million Covid-19 cases and reports 32,000 deaths. But many argue the numbers are far less than what is reported, India has very high density and medical experts predict the cases to be 10x more. Not surprised as India did detect the spread early and had ample notice to place guidelines. Look out for this nation to topping the other two eventually!

With businesses opening up and governments placing importance over the economy, a rapid spreading virus will not be leaving the planet miraculously (as one President puts it) if things continue to be the way they are. Leaders are placing their bet on the vaccine and have become complacent in tackling the virus, case in point Malaysia which seem to have a laxed attitude since the easing. For the sake of all human beings on the planet, lets hope the cure is discovered this year.

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