Genshin Impact Fans Are Not Happy About The Upcoming 5-Star Ganyu Banner

Genshin Impact has been getting a lot of buzz lately, both good and not so good. Either way, it’s undeniable that a lot of people are starting to play the game or at least try it out. Before we get into one of the game’s system.

One of the game’s feature is the Gacha system where you make a wish to either gain a 4 -5 star character or weapon. You can either make single wishes whenever you save up enough Primogems, one of the game’s currencies to purchase Intertwined Fates or Acquainted Fates or you can make a 10-wish pull.

One of the banners that people will constantly save up their Primogems is the limited banner where you will likely gain a 5 star character; current one being Albedo, a 5 star Geo character (I got C1 Albedo!) or you might gain the featured 4-star characters. This banner is limited time only. Albedo’s banner is soon to be replace with Ganyu’s, a 5-star Cryo character.

Ganyu was first introduced when you play the “A New Star Approaches” story quest and is soon to be a playable character in Genshin Impact. Ganyu is half-human and half adeptus and has fought in the Archon war thousands of years ago. Her vision is Cryo which means she has control over Ice element and her weapon is a bow and arrow.

The character demo was released just today and her teaser was release last week which you can watch them below.

A lot of fans are excited for the Ganyu banner, that is until the official banner was posted on social media. The Ganyu banner which will be out later this week, also features 4-star characters such as Xingqui, Xiangling and Noelle. Although they’re not bad characters, they are actually common when you make a wish.

The chances of you getting these 4-star characters are very likely compared to others (from my personal experience cause I have C3 Xingqui and C2 Xiangling) and you can actually get Xiangling for free if you complete one of the Spiral Abyss floors. If you’re new, you can most likely get Noelle if you pull from the Beginner’s Banner. Either way, these characters may not be worth the wish pull.

Noelle and Xingqiu were previously featured together in Klee’s banner. Ganyu’s banner marks the second time these 2 characters appear together. So it’s understandable why fans might want to skip the Ganyu banner cause of these characters. For those who just started the game may not necessarily mind getting either one of these characters so it’s basically win-win for them.

I personally will try for the Ganyu banner but I also won’t mind getting Xingqui. Not really sure how I would feel getting either Xiangling or Noelle though cause I don’t use them as much. What do you guys think? Are you or were you excited for Ganyu’s banner? Will you try to pull even knowing the possibilities of getting these 4-star characters? Let us know in the comments below.

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