Gamers Delight Windows 10 New Update Coming April 11

The new update from Microsoft for Windows 10 is presumably promoted for users to start expanding their creative skills with the various applications that will bring out the designer in you.

While there are some nice add-ons for gamers like Beam and Game Mode, lets have a look at the top features on the Windows Creators update that will be available come April 11.

Features Include:

  1. Paint 3D a new (and free!) app that lets users manipulate both shape and color with simplicity. The app works together with the new community to help users discover and share even more 3D content.
  2. Mixed Reality with the new update,MS is expanding its vision for mixed reality, which includes Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Holographic computing.
  3. Blue Light Control- during night use, the Creator will automatically lower the amount of blue ligt emitted from the PC with a blue light filter
  4. Introducing Beam- Beam is built right into both Windows 10 and Xbox One, that allows users to start streaming in moments without having to download a separate app. Can be connected to Xbox Live account, making it easy to stream to Xbox Live community.
  5. In Game Mode- If you have an 8-core CPU, Windows might activate six cores to be dedicated to gaming, while the other two cores handle system tasks, thereby reducing thread contention issues.

There are many more features that sounds exciting, extensions for MS Edge browser that blocks flash content as default and improved security.

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