Game Review – Dauntless Slays In More Ways Than One


The children of today have really got it easy for them when it comes to getting free games. Back in the day, you’d have to be sure to pick out the right game when you get a new console, nowadays kids don’t even have to buy a game when booting up a new console or PC. From the ever-popular Fortnite, the old-reliable DOTA 2, or superhero simulator DC Universe Online, there are a ton of variety to choose from. Dauntless is the latest in the free games market.

Gameplay Mechanics – 

Unlike the likes of Fortnite or Paladins, Dauntless is not just another competitive multiplayer game. Instead, it is a Western take on Monster Hunter’s game design, having you and a group of friends go out into the world to slay giant beasts. Only this time you’ll be playing as “Slayers” and the giant monsters are known as “Behemoths”. Instead of going for the realistic anime look that Monster Hunter is known for, Dauntless goes for a more cartoony aesthetic, similar to World Of Warcraft or Fortnite.

The game is made by Phoenix Labs, a company started by developers from Riot Games and are staffed by developers formerly from Blizzard, Capcom and BioWare. With Capcom actually owning the Monster Hunter IP as well as Blizzard being the creators of Warcraft, you can tell a lot of their combined experience came together to make Dauntless come to life. The game is an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, which makes it on the exact same platform that Fortnite is on.

Monster Hunter VS Dauntless

So, for a free-to-play Monster Hunter inspired game, how does it play? Well, a lot faster actually. Monster Hunter’s gameplay is slow and meticulous, especially the first few instalments of the game. Dauntless definitely has way more speed between the attack animations, thus making the moment to moment gameplay very quick and reaction heavy. Though that does make each hunt in the game much faster than those in Capcom’s franchise, with a Behemoth encounter taking about 5-15 minutes per mission.

Speaking of Behemoths, they are definitely the stars of the shows, being more fantastical and mythical. They act more like typical boss fights in a video game, compared to Monster Hunter’s beast acting like real animals. Like the Skarn, a lizard who carries rocks on its back. While fighting, the rocks will levitate and be used to counter the player’s attacks. Learning the set patterns of the fight makes it very engaging, while also teaching you the ebb and flow of Dauntless.

Verdict – 

Overall, Dauntless is a fun and free Monster Hunter alternative that does a lot to make it stand out on its own. The enemy variations are fun, and the smaller weapon selection makes things more streamlined. The only complaint is the servers, whether you’re playing with friends on the same platform or cross-platform, you’ll have a hard time connecting to each other. Hopefully, this will get rectified soon. Especially before it arrives on the Nintendo Switch, which is the perfect system to play this game on.

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