Galaxy Note 10 Turns Your Windows PC Into A Phone

So, the Galaxy Unpacked event saw the introduction to Samsung’s newest flagship, the Galaxy Note 10 as remarkable at it may seem the device is the result of months of extensive development, thousands of hours of engineering and countless manpower involved in making this magnificent product become a reality. Samsung relies in its strong network and relationship with partners in making its smartphones one of the best devices in the planet, every year the manufacturer looks at ways to improve the user experience beyond the vanilla offering already available in an Android device, and this year the company turned to productivity suite giant, Microsoft.

Although the collaboration is not new, Samsung is eager to make the Galaxy Note 10 more than just a large screen smartphone, it must become a productivity tool for users. That has been the narrative- A content creators choice. But the previous device lacked application to make this possible, so this time around Samsung fitted in as much solutions it could into the 6.3″ and 6.8″ device including Microsoft’s full suite of Windows Office applications.

Now for the first time, Samsung Galaxy Note10 phones will have natively integrated productivity apps and services including OneDrive, Outlook, Your Phone app with Link to Windows, and access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The native integration of Link to Windows on Galaxy Note10,  will allow users to connect their Note 10 to their Windows 10 PC in a cinch. By just connecting their device via the Link to Windows setting they will be able to get instant access to the Android phone’s content. The pairing means there will be no need to dig for the phone to check notifications, schedule ride to the airport, or even texting. And can finally stop emailing photos as these can be dragged and dropped directly into the email or PowerPoint presentation.

Microsoft has also announced that later this month, Galaxy Note10 users will be the first to experience the new Phone screen feature, which allows users to access their phone’s apps, right from the PC while using the keyboard and mouse, or touch screen. Users can try out multi-touch gestures such as pinch to zoom, rotate, or swipe from their PC’s touchscreen while using the phone screen. And soon to come, PC users who link their phones will be able to make and receive mobile calls directly from their PC.

OneDrive On Android

The most used storage application on Windows will also soon arrive on Android, OneDrive will be natively integrated into the Samsung Gallery app, providing automatic syncing of photos and videos and enabling new protection and cross-device experiences. The Galaxy Note10 will be the first to get the OneDrive integration, with more Samsung devices to follow.

The OneDrive app also has built-in sharing, security and productivity features. For example, customers can share and collaborate on files and photo albums, and can scan and save paper documents, receipts and whiteboards and then mark them up using their finger or the Samsung S Pen. For a more secure access for items like IDs, travel docs and other important files the OneDrive Personal Vault is recommended, its a protected area of OneDrive that can only be accessed with a strong authentication method or second step of identity verification, such as fingerprint, face, or a PIN. Locked files in the Personal Vault have an extra layer of security, keeping them more secured in the event someone gains access to the account or device.

OneDrive customers can get 5GB of free storage with the option to purchase 100 GB or an Office 365 subscription which includes 1 TB plus other premium features including simple recovery from malicious malware and ransomware attacks.

Outlook and Office apps help you get more done on the go

For those who are not using Google for their emails and calendar, there is the option of using Outlook. Corporations who use Microsoft tools in their office environment can seamlessly continue their work and operate without disruption on their Samsung devices. With Outlook preinstalled, email, calendar, contacts and files cones in one app and with the integration of the S Pen they can hover over emails to preview them and take quick actions like archive, delete, flag, or reply. Additionally customers can now hover over a contact in email to get detailed information at a glance – tap to chat, call, or email all from the inbox.

These applications will undoubtedly make the Galaxy Note10 more of a productive device apart from all the fun and entertaining features it already has, moving the phone closer to being a full fledged PC. And the native integration with Mictosoft’s Link to Windows, turning any PC into a mobile phone seems like a handshake between competing hardware’s agreeing to coexist for the better of both.

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