Full Review: Samsung Q9FN 65 inch Smart QLED TV

Samsung has reached out to us to try out their flagship products of the year at Samsung Express Service Center. The Samsung Q9FN QLED TV and Samsung’s premium soundbar, HW-N950 are the two flagship products which were kindly setup for us. Let’s take a deeper dive into the Q9FN now.

Display Technology

The tested Q9FN features a 4K resolution QLED panel measuring at 65 inch diagonally. In addition to that, the QLED panel has a full array of LED which allows Direct Full Array Elite to control each individual LED for a more prominent viewing experience. What this means is that the dark areas will appear darker and bright areas appear brighter with this software. I must say that it did perform well and colour reproduction is good. It is expected from a QLED panel by Samsung, right? They have been producing some of the best display panels that are in the market now. But why didn’t Samsung use the OLED panel?


Apparently, the use of inorganic materials in displays has a much higher resistance to burn-in than organic materials. OLED panel uses the organic material which fails to withstand display brightness for a prolonged period of time. To overcome this problem, Samsung decides to use the QLED panel instead which utilises the inorganic Quantum dot technology. In case you’re wondering, the QLED panel on the Q9FN is capable of reaching a maximum brightness of 2000 nits. Hence the decision to use QLED technology instead of OLED.

Viewing Experience

Let’s be honest here, nobody likes to watch TV under bright conditions simply because the light bounces on the screen. With so much of technological enhancement, screens these days have an antireflective coating and Samsung has done just that on the Q9FN. With the TV setup in a really well lit room, the viewing experience was so pleasing to the eyes. However, the narrow viewing angle is rather disappointing so that leaves you with the only option to sit in front of the TV to have an immense watching experience.

Support For Gaming

Amazingly enough, the Q9FN has a Game Mode which has support for AMD FreeSync. It’s a feature which many console players could benefit from, especially for Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. Another useful feature which PS4 Pro and Xbox One X players can benefit from is the 4K HDR. However, the Xbox One X is shines the brightest as opposed to the PS4 Pro because it can run natively on 4K. The latter can only upscale games to 4K resolution. During our review, we tested the TV with an Xbox One X. Safe to say that the gameplays are pretty smooth with almost no signs of tearing. Colours appeared pretty vivid in HDR mode and of course, we enjoyed playing games on this TV. 


There’s not much going on behind the TV itself. It appears to be very clean with only cut-outs for wall mounts and a port. Interesting enough, the port is connected to Samsung’s One Connect, which is the hub of cable connections. With such an innovative design, this makes cable management to be relatively easy and keeps the back of the TV neat and tidy.

The One Connect has four HDMI ports, an Ethernet port, an optical digital out port, three USB ports, a component port, an AV port, an RF port, a power port and a One Connect port. TV is powered through the cord which connects to the One Connect. Inside the cord, there is copper wire for power and optical fibre for information transfers. If you’re not a fan of having too many cables routing to the hub itself, you can take advantage of the built-in wireless to stay connected to the internet instead of using a LAN cable.

Samsung’s QLED Q9FN TV is smart enough to detect the different peripherals you connect to the One Connect. Every connected peripheral was displayed correctly on the home screen making it easier to switch between them. Controlling the TV’s interface is possible via the remote control that comes with it.

The remote has a very simplistic layout with only few buttons to play around. For a TV packing so much of features in this, it’s hard to not miss out on the fact that it is also a Smart TV. Personally, I’m not a fan of navigating user interfaces with buttons. If you’re someone like me, Samsung has just a solution for us. The USB ports as mentioned earlier in the One Connect can be used to connect to a mouse and keyboard. As convenient as it sounds, it is without a doubt a very useful feature for me.

AI Technology

Samsung has managed to fit some artificial intelligence (AI) into the TV. One of the biggest features of the AI is how it enhances images to adapt to the display itself. This is closely related to the Direct Full Array Elite software. Also, it is able to automatically play videos in HDR provided the videos have an HDR encoded format. Without it, you cannot watch videos in HDR mode even when you manually enable the mode.

Another feature which may be useful for me is the ambient mode. As the name suggests, it doesn’t adapt to the ambient lighting. What it really does is allow you to set the wallpaper of the TV to adapt to the background. This can be done using Samsung’s SmartThings app. All you’ll need to do is take a picture of the TV and the background using the app. Then, the magic happens where the AI will generate an image close enough to the background. Only limitation of this feature is that there has to be a pattern for the AI to recognize so it can adapt to the background. Else, you can always choose from a list of pictures available from the app itself.


The Q9FN is available in bigger screen sizes, the 75 inch and a monster 88 inch. With bigger screens, comes a more expensive price tag. Treat the 65 inch as the most affordable Q9FN flagship TV you can get. How affordable you ask? Pricing starts from RM19,499 only for the 65 inch model. Yes, it’s not as affordable as it seemed. However, you’ll be greeted with so many technological features which is a hard find in a realistically affordable priced 4K HDR Smart TV.

If you’re someone who is wondering about the sound quality. Let me tell you. Sound quality from the built-in speakers are pretty alright. If you’re gonna spend your fortune on such an expensive TV, you shouldn’t be concern about the sound quality. Go and hunt for a surround system and pair it with this TV. Do lookout for the next post on Samsung’s Premium Soundbar HW-N950.


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